Lulyani school


Thai massage is a Path. A Path of Life.
Thai massage is an Art. An Art of Touch.
Thai massage is a Meditation. A Meditation in Movement.
Thai massage is about Listening. Listening with your Heart.

is the school where…
…anatomy rhymes with harmony,
…precision with meditation,
…persistence with patience.
To become explorer of the body, a being of relation, a poet of movement or more simply
to become who you are. You are most welcome !

Lulyani school has been created under the initiative of David and Dao to answer their desire…
…to teach their love for Thai massage and Osteothai,
…to share a Heart centered teaching,
…to develop a Sangha where everyone can find a place to grow.



In order to study Osteothai, you will first need to complete the Thai massage courses :
Thai massage 1 for beginners
Thai massage 2 for beginners (Part 2).
Dynamic Thai Massage for advanced, rhythmic and harmonic techniques.

Once these have been completed or if you are already a Thai massage practitioner, you can begin a series of Osteothai courses, covering and concentrating on aspects such as :

Osteothai : Principles and general overview
Learning Osteothai principles

Osteothai for the joints
Easing joint mobility of the upper and lower limbs

Osteothai for the lower back condition
Restoring lost mobility and rhythm in the lumbar spine

Osteothai for the breathing process
Expansion – Retraction motion for a better homeostasis

Osteothai for the internal organs
Osteothai routine for the inner organs and their relations with pelvis and spine dysfunctions

Osteothai for the axis Heart – Neck – Crane
Finding back our Center and vertical axis

Special course :10-day course in Thailand, every winter with David and Jörg Schürpf
Osteothai : Transformation Through Touch
Shock & Trauma : palpation and axial integration

The duration of each course is 6 days (except Osteothai Transformation Through Touch). Courses are given in France, Europe, Thailand and Japan. Check our Schedule! Or for more information on what each one covers, check on